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India, DNA is registered on Blockchain

An Indian company is collaborating with the government of the Andhra Pradesh state to create a Blockchain-based database that will register its 50 million citizens’ DNA data, making it available, although anonymous, to researchers. As explained by Smartereum, the...

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Blockchain technology lands on WordPress

WordPress, the famous platform that allows the creation of websites and content on the Internet, is launching a new product, Newspack, that also includes Blockchain technology: it will archive articles and content published by small and medium-sized news...

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Blockchain, Massimo Tortorella: «It is a revolution for all services»

«Blockchain technology radically and globally changes all kinds of services». Massimo Tortorella, president of Consulcesi, has no doubts about this. And the sectors he thinks will be affected by this revolutionary and multifaceted technology are so different, but so...

Blockchain is the first paradigm that overturns power

When we asked Jacopo Montigiani, General Manager of JSB Solutions, why blockchain technology was so important for the healthcare sector, he quickly answered with a clear and certain voice: «Because it is the first paradigm that overturns power».«Essentially – he...

Blockchain and banking, the experience of UniCredit

«UniCredit, one of the main banks in Italy and Europe, is in a consortium with other thirteen banks to handle and develop the blockchain technology». Emanuele Cicco takes care of the development of trade and working capital solutions at UniCredit and he explained how...